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White Jade Bracelet

STONE: White Jade

HAMSA BEAD: Mother of Pearl


KEYWORDS: Luck, Abundance, Focus, Calming

BEAD SIZE: : 6mm

This bracelet will fit wrist size 5 – 7″

If you need a larger or smaller size, please contact us and we will whip one up for you!

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– White Jade Mala –

White jade is known to be a lucky stone associated with the crown chakra. Its secondary chakra is the heart, allowing a gentle connection between these two powerhouse chakras. Its white color can bring a very calming and positive energy. I chose to associate  white jade with abundance because of its reputation for bringing luck. When we ask the universe for something, we then must wait for it to be delivered. With luck and positivity, blessings flow easily into our lives.

You can also use this stone to aid in communication with your guides and angels. It can help you when setting an intention to trust your intuition and make decisions for your greatest good or highest purpose. It is known to be a calming stone that can help you become more focused by quieting the mind.

Hamsa Bead

This bracelet is adorned with a mother of pearl hamsa bead. The hamsa is a symbol of protection and blessings. Along with protection, it brings the wearer luck, happiness and good fortune. While stringing every hamsa bead, I do a meditation with visualization of the wearer being blessed and protected by white light. A little added energetic bonus!

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl isn’t a mineral given it’s organic origins, but it is known to be very soothing and nourishing. Pearls are born when a piece of sand finds its way into a mollusk and irritates it until it attempts to sooth itself with a coating of nacre. The layers of the pearl are built out of mollusks innate desire to nourish itself. Metaphysical properties usually mirror physical properties, and that is true with mother of pearl. It encourages self-love and self-nurturing. It is also a stone of metamorphosis. The sand enters as a drab tan bit and emerges as a beautiful pearl.