Meet Caki

Hi! I’m Caki.

Welcome to my soul project.

I’m an avid rock collector and spiritual enthusiast. Born and raised in Denver, CO, I still reside here, raising my two wild little boys. My journey into the metaphysical began years ago while trying to make my first baby. While I had always been drawn to energy and magic, I didn’t really focus on it until that moment in my life. Three months before getting pregnant with my oldest son, I had my first miscarriage. It was the first time I really felt what it was like to have zero control. While still working through  my sadness, my husband encouraged me to attend a baby shower for a friend of his at a local yoga studio. In retrospect, this shower was likely a universe-led intervention. Instead of reminding me of my loss, it introduced me to a group of women who were entirely inspirational. It was the beginning of a love affair with yoga, and the first time I put my eyes on a mala.


After the shower, I became obsessed with finding my own mala but I didn’t know where to begin. Was I cool enough to rock one of those? Was I spiritual enough? Self-doubt is so sneaky and all-consuming! Further inquiry, and some courage, led me to Sarita. Sarita was a local Tibetan guru who read my chart and guided me toward my first mala. It was black onyx and to this day I wear it on days when I need to “kick ass”. After that, I dove into research about chakras. I spent hours learning about what stones line up with which chakra and memorizing their metaphysical properties. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop! Given my moment of fertility doubt, I asked my husband cook meals that were entirely orange to open my sacral chakra (the chakra in charge of baby making). Within a few weeks I found myself back in Sarita’s shop, this time buying a mala that activated my sacral chakra. I loved the empowering moment in the morning when I put on a mala and recited to myself the mantra I had given it. Sure enough, I was pregnant again within a month.


I acquired many more malas from Sarita before I began making my own. In a secondary and more intense fertility journey with my littlest and most wild child, I had what can only be described as a spiritual walkabout. Ultimately, I embarked on a journey to find faith, and discovered that faith looks different for everyone. For me, I found faith in the universe, faith that I was co-creator of my life, and faith fueled by empowerment. During those two years I did intense work with my therapist, began what is now a sizable rock collection, found energy gurus, tarot readers and my favorite psychic. I had a lovely witch in Georgia come out of a concert crowd and tell me to get out of my own way and step into my magic. And in the end, I found myself and I found omCAKIom. Now I am ready to share omCAKIom with you! My malas are about empowerment. They are intended to lead you to your own magic. Everything you need to thrive is already within you, we just need to work together and coax it out.


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