Matte Carnelian Mala 4mm

MANTRA: “I am the Spark”

STONE: Matte Carnelian


HAMSA BEAD: Mother of Pearl

GURU BEAD: Selenite

CHAKRA: Sacral

KEYWORDS: Fertility, Vibrancy, Creativity, Focus, Motivation

SIZE: : 4mm

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Crystal Type

– Matte Carnelian Mala –

Carnelian stokes your fire. Its bright orange color is known to promote vitality, warmth and joy. Carnelian is connected to the power of the sun and the second sacral chakra. This chakra is the powerhouse of creativity and sexuality. Carnelian may boost drive, determination, and ambition; all actions which promote success. Carnelian is also a stone for self-worth. Let it remind you that nobody has a fire like yours. You are special and have an energy that is totally unique. Tend to this fire so that it burns bright! I have chosen the mantra “I am the spark”. Sometimes when looking for inspiration we search outside of our selves. But the truth is that all creativity is found within. Your perspective is what shapes the beginning of any creative endeavor. Wear this mala and remind your self that YOU are the spark.

While I have chosen a mantra of inner creativity, you can easily charge your mala up with whatever intention speaks to you. Remember, fertility doesn’t have to mean creation of a child. It can be the beginning of any new project, endeavor, or idea.

Hamsa Bead

Every omCAKIom necklace is adorned with a mother of pearl hamsa bead. The hamsa is a symbol of protection and blessings. Along with protection, it brings the wearer luck, happiness and good fortune. While stringing every hamsa bead, I do a meditation with visualization of the wearer being blessed and protected by white light. A little added energetic bonus!

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl isn’t a mineral given it’s organic origins, but it is known to be very soothing and nourishing. Pearls are born when a piece of sand finds its way into a mollusk and irritates it until it attempts to sooth itself with a coating of nacre. The layers of the pearl are built out of mollusks innate desire to nourish itself. Metaphysical properties usually mirror physical properties, and that is true with mother of pearl. It encourages self-love and self-nurturing. It is also a stone of metamorphosis. The sand enters as a drab tan bit and emerges as a beautiful pearl.